Salumi di Scarpaccia

loc. Scarpaccia, 51 Pratovecchio Stia (AR)

P.Iva 01417660519

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It was in Tuscany, at the foot of Mount Falterona, now part of the National Park of Casentino Forests, that the business    ‘Salumi di Scarpaccia’ started and thrives today. 

The Casentino Valley, rich in history, culture and wildlife, is a place where antique traditions and everyday life still go hand  in hand.  Dante Alighieri is just one of many historical figures who found refuge and inspiration here, in the place where ancient  castles and Romanesque churches of unequal beauty rise and where the River Arno springs and flows ‘making precious  every land that it touches’ as the saying goes.  It is in the peace and harmony of this surrounding landscape that ‘ Salumi di Scarpaccia’ has for many years been in the  business of making their traditional fresh meat products, dedicating to them the same care and attention that local people  dedicate to their surroundings. 

It was in the 60s when the head of the Giuliani family, Franco, started making pork products to sell in his own, small grocery  store. These meats ranged from the famous ‘sbriciolona’ - their most renowned product - to their cured ham,  shoulder of ham, sausages, brawn and cured bacon, less famous though nonetheless delicious.  

Today his son Romano carries on the tradition, and with the same love, passion and respect continues his father's art, from  the selection of the meats, carefully sourced from local farmers, to the preparation, hanging and expert handling of each  individual piece.  Today this small local business still applies to offer the pleasure of fine tasting genuine products to selected customers with refined tastes who consider these products to be truly enjoyable works of art

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